Water is, as we know a key component of our life and we are 70% water. Obviously clinical trials and statements in this industry take time and need evidence.

However, when washing and drinking UFB water (if safe to do so) can only have a positive effect on your body and as such it is still just water and we do not change the pH, quality, impurity or balance of it.

However, we do know that cosmetology is the treatment of the skin, hair, and nails and the use of UFB Dual in these industries is having a major effect, due to the ultra fine bubbles moisturising and cleaning effects. The ultra fine bubbles penetrate between the cuticles of the hair, keeping the moisture content of the hair and providing a deeep clean into the roots.

The moisturising effect of hair is compared with that of microbubbles / water and data shows that the moisturising duration of ultra fine bubbles is four times longer and has been proved.

How can UFB Help

  • Moisturising effect on skin and hair and drys faster
  • Micellar cleaning deep into the pores and cuticles
  • May help with blemishes, acne, eczema and softer hair (comments based on clients that have been washing & drinking UFB). * See note below.
  • Heats on demand hot water faster
  • Reduced utilities cost (Gas, Electric & water)
  • Removal and protection against biofilm & calcification on submerged surfaces (baths & swimming pools) and pipe interiors.
  • Makes cleaning more efficient, removing bioburden from surfaces
  • Reduces cleaning time and effort required for cleaning.
  • Less chemical required for laundry systems at lower temperature with hyper cleaning effect.
  • Enhances the performance of water-based chemicals used for cleaning
  • Ultimately reducing the carbon footprint



Amet Group has not carried out clinical studies, the feedback is from customers using the UFB valve within their home and business and has resulted in:
  • Higher than normal cleansing efficacy compared with normal water. Similarly, tests carried out in Japan reported the same.
  • UFB water significantly improved the cleansing of the skin and showed that ailments found within or on the skin were reduced.
    • However, professional clinical testing needs to be conducted before Amet group can substantiate the claims made by our customers (as above)

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