As the World’s population increases, so does the need for food. The farming industry is under intense strain. From farm to fork the farming industry is looking for ways to increase productivity, reduce or maintain cost yet still deliver the highest standards of food for consumption.

How can UFB Help

  • Healthier cleaner drinking water for Animals – Healthier animals eat more, resulting in better yields for the farmers
  • Removal and protection against biofilm & calcification on surfaces and pipework interiors
  • Accelerating cleaning time with more efficiency
  • Helps prevent dirt and grime build up on surfaces
  • Removing bioburden from surfaces reduces cleaning time and effort required for cleaning.
  • Less chemicals required to achieve results
  • Saving money on Chemicals and less impact on the environment
  • Saving on utilities for on demand hot water
  • Enhanced performance when mixed with water-based chemicals used for cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Cleaner and more efficient wastewater systems
  • Ultimately reducing the carbon footprint

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