What is AMECO Surface?

To prevent the spread of infection, regular cleaning of surfaces and objects that are touched often is essential. We call these touch points, as they are surfaces that are touched on a regular basis, this includes countertops, doorknobs, handles, light switches, remote controls, computer keyboards and mobile phones etc. The more frequent the traffic or the amount something is touched, the dirtier it becomes.

Using UFB water enables you to clean at a micellar level getting into the pores and areas that you cant see, which is where millions of microscopic bubbles clear out the dirt. Mixing your chemicals in UFB water will enhance the cleaning power due to the millions of bubbles and micellar, hyper cleaning effect.

Cleaning is a core part of daily life; whether you’re cleaning your hands, a kitchen countertop at home, or high-touch surfaces in a workplace, everyone carries out cleaning at some point during their day. The specific cleaning procedure and the substances involved may vary depending on what you’re cleaning but the principle remains the same, which is ultimately to remove pathogens and have cleaner surfaces.

What is Hyper Cleaning

Hyper Cleaning is Removing and preventing biofilm growth on surfaces including submerged surfaces such as, pipe interiors, beer lines, water feed lines (farming), swimming pools. Basically, anywhere there is water there is potential for biofilm accumulation which can be lethal! When UFB water is used in conjunction with water-based chemicals, the chemical will be enhanced due to the millions of microscopic bubbles in UFB water that penetrate deep into a surface lifting the bioburden without detriment to the surface.

Every Home and business use water and is connected to live sewers…

The problem found in Drains, sinks, basins, and U bends etc! All industries need to take great care in keeping people safe by ensuring that drains, sinks, taps U bends and showers are kept clean.

However, have you ever stopped to consider that the sink and shower are attached to an open sewer in that the drains from sinks and showers are only protected by a “U-bend”.?

The U-bend can contain many different opportunistic pathogens that can cause harm and even death in patients, after all the other side of the U-bend is the pipework connected to the same drains as the toilet waste pipe. A lot has been learned over the Years ensuring taps don’t sit directly above the drain in a sink and that the taps are kept clean but how much work has been carried out on identifying the bacteria in drains from sinks and keeping them clean.?

Amecotech supply a UFB valve which has successfully been trialled and tested to eliminate this exact problem of removing biofilm. Drain Pant is not just a problem experienced in Hospitals, “Drain Pant” is relevant to all industries that have drains, sinks, basins and any running water outlets in their premises. 

It is believed that problems are caused by disruption and aerosolization of bio-film which lead to bacteria re-entering the environment by this debris refluxing from the drain into the environment. It has been reported that the biofilm in drains can grow and move forward towards the outlet at 1mm per hour. Therefore, it doesn’t take long for  U-bend recontamination of the sink, shower, bath, floor, and airspace.

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