Slide The World's first and only... Find out more! Ultra Fine Bubble
generating valve.
Slide AMET Group and Amecotech... Find out more! Are UK based companies that are at the forefront of water technology and have joined forces with a company in Japan to bring Ultra Fine Bubbles to Europe and the UK.

A technologically advanced valve that takes water and its power to another level...
Slide Amet Group Ltd
Amet Group is the exclusive importer into the UK and Europe.

Amecotech is the distributor in the UK and Europe.

Email - to sign up as a reseller in the UK and EU.

A.M.E.T. Group – Importer – Aqua  Microscopic  Eco  Technology

Amecotech – Distributor –  Aqua  Microscopic  Eco  Colourless  Odourless  Technology

Basically, we all know it as – ‘WATER…’

‘EXCLUSIVE importer & distributor for the UK & Europe.’

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We do not compete with chemicals;

  • UFB water is not a biocide and makes no kill claims.
  • However, UFB water does reinforce biocidal activites due to the fact that pipes remain clean and prevents the formation of biofilm and bioburdens.

We just clean at a micellar level and work on 5 keys area’s;

  1. Biofilm / bio burden / limescale and calcification cleaner and prohibitor in drains, pipes and water outlets.
  2. Micellar and hyper cleaning effect due to 50 million plus+ bubbles in 1 millilitre of water.
  3. Growth promoter – Living as in :- Plants, crops and animals.
  4. Growth inhibitor – Dead as in :- Pipes, drain’s, beer lines, food manufacturing, dialysis tubes, floor cleaning machines etc.
  5. UFB water reduces the time to heat on demand hot water and can reduce the temperature by up to 20%, achieving the same temperature output.

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